Pikachu outbreak in Yokohama Minato Mirai – 「踊る?ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ!」横浜みなとみらいでダンスイベント開催

Following the success of their precious outbreak in Yokohama, thousands of Pikachu are back!
During 9 days, on various spots covering the whole Minato Mirai area, different families of Pikachu entertain the audience with various dances and events. Even under the heavy August sun, they give energetic performances, which make you love the characters even more.
There are many different performances, each of them featuring different kinds of Pikachu (for example, sailors, breakdancers or Hawaiian dancers) and paying a tribute to a wide range of musics.
This makes you feel like in a gigantic theme park… except that the whole city is the park! Lots of visitors wear Pikachu hats (distributed for free by the staff) or various goods (like the trendy Pikachu tails), whatever their age. It sounds rather magic, and all for free. It is in fact a perfect occasion to discover Yokohama area and motivate you to come again to explore it in more details.