Day 1 at ILP’2015 (25th Conference on Inductive Logic Programming)

First day of ILP’2015 in Kyōto is over. This is the first time I attend the conference. It is a nice dive in this community!

The (scientific) facts that I will keep in mind from this first day:
1/ Meta-interpretive learning is trendy by its ability to tackle predicate invention (3 talks about it). It has promising applications for robot strategies, proof strategies and so on.

2/ Behind these “meta” interests, there is a question of designing systems that automatically find, produce and reason over consistent axiomatic systems.

3/ Biology provides challenging scientific questions for inductive logic programming, in terms of analysis of pathways, regulations or structure of components. Among relevant questions are the inference/completion of models through logical approaches, with the need to address noisy data.

4/ I liked the prospective talk about “robot engineer”, consisting in the use of ILP techniques to produce a system that, given an action to be performed, automatically builds the robot that will satisfy/perform such goal.

5/ Finally, on a pure organizational aspect, I enjoyed the fact that all papers are available online, being able to have an overview to all of them before and during the talks.

I hope tomorrow will as interesting as today!

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