Research activity in July 2014

July has been my second month as JSPS fellow in National Institute of Informatics, Tôkyô. I have continued to work on different collaborations here with Japanese researchers, both on bioinformatics (especially in the learning of gene regulatory networks) and systems resilience.

International (peer-reviewed) conferences

I got two new accepted papers:

  • T. Ribeiro, M. Magnin, and K. Inoue. Learning delayed influence of dynamical systems from interpretation transition. To appear in the 24th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming. 6 pages (short paper). Nancy, France, September 2014.In a nutshell: This paper addresses the learning of (synchronous) logical programs with delayed influences from state transition diagrams. Delayed influences are captured with an inductive logic programming methodology.
    Note: This paper results from my collaboration with Inoue Lab. at NII.
  • S. Carolan, M. Magnin and A-L. Kabalu. Sparking a Digital. Revolution: Digital Educational Tools in Fragile and Emerging Learning Contexts. In the 1st International Conference dedicated to Digital Society and Cultures (DI’2014). Nantes, France, September 2014.In a nutshell: This paper discusses the crucial issue of teaching and learning for people in hard environments (e.g. warzones, countries with poor or broken Internet connections, etc.) and gives insights about the added-value of recent e-Learning methods.
    Note: This paper results from joint work with Simon Carolan (2nd year PhD student who I co-supervise) and Anne-Laure Kabalu (Master student who Simon and I have co-supervised this Spring).

Students’ talks

Meanwhile, the PhD and Master students I co-supervise have presented some recent works at some international conferences and research schools:

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