Official launch of this new site dedicated to the various activities I’m involved in

It has been a long time since I considered restructuring my on-line activity. I created my first website in 1998 and I’ve blogged since 2001 (remember my youth). But with the explosion of social networks, I’ve finally spent less time to update my blog than chit-chatting on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Then why did I still think about having a personal space on the web, independently of the network? Because traffic and interaction evolve at a very fast speed on social networks. Because the management of archives is still archaic, despite the implementation of features like timeline. Because it is a huge effort to make any post on social networks be lively/active more than 48 hours. And there is another way to browse the web than solely living in instantaneity.

Le site avant le passage à WordPress

Website before being migrated to WordPress

It was very difficult for me to consider how I could merge my teaching, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), research and cultural activities in a unique platform. But I feel the urge of helping people to get a relevant overview of my interests in a single glance. That’s why I created “static” pages that I’ll keep updated as frequent as necessary. This is particularly significant for all ICT and research-related issues: people appreciate to get info like research topics, publications, past and on-going projects… I have thus created such pages, that will be in english only. I do not have enough time to do systematic translations. In addition, my experience has made me realize it is too much time consuming to maintain professional pages like that both in french and english for a very simple reason: almost every people working in Higher Education understands english.

Nevertheless, I did not want this new site to be static. Consequently it was fundamental to create a blog section, with the same kind of categories than the static pages. That will make me able to share not only my current interests and recent discoveries but also some additional daily info. This will be in french or in english, depending on the topic and the fact it is relevant – or not – to spread the word worldwide. Thanks to the great WordPress system, people will be able to efficiently search for previous posts, and I will share the links on social networks.

Le site après enrichissement via WordPress

The new version of managed thanks to WordPress

I’m very happy to come back to the blog excitement.

It took me time, many inspiration sources and, more importantly, numerous advices. Finally, I hope to have succeeded in building a new website, that could be representative of the diversity of my actions and sources of interests. Welcome everyone! Feel free to follow the blog either by mail or RSS feeds!

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